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MS will expand the concept of innovation, qualified service, and free financial trading to all corners of the world.

Individual IB Plan

We customize our products and services to meet requirements of every IB. MS provides you a series of completed forex service. IBs will have great opportunities to develop their business in MS. We believe that IB is a necessary bridge between clients and settlement companies because of the individual and customized services they provide. We focus on providing the necessary support to IB and thus, they can attract more clients to our business effectively.


Chief Operating Officer Daniel Anderson

Mr Anderson joined MS Group on 2009 as a Director of corporate marketing and integrated business development, and is responsible for establishing the Group's entire sales strategy and policy. With over 20 years of rich professional experience and financial knowledge, he led the group to become a large Investment Group with total operating assets of $ 18 billion

Previous position:
Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Australia's Westpac Chief Operating Officer (2002 to 2005)
ANZ Australia chief operating officer (2006 to 2009)

Chief Marketing OfficerDavid K. Perkins

Mr. Perkins is responsible for the Group's sales strategy and policy development. With his years of vast experience in international financial groups, he will lead the MS Group in the future and continue to expand the market size and also the establishment of a wide range of financial innovation.

Previous position:
Chief Operating Officer, Biley Fund, USA (1992 ~ 2002)
Chief Information Officer, JP Morgan Chase, USA (2003 ~ 2010)
Chief operating officer of the European exchange

Chief Technology OfficerRichard C. Gillespie

Mr. Gillespie is the head of the MS Group's technical department, leading the professional MIS team, dedicated to the customer's stable trading environment, to assist the trading strategy written for the intelligent trading software and stable profit.

Previous position:
American Amazon Information Management Manager (2000 ~ 2006)
Director of IT, Apple, USA (2007 ~ 2010)
BNP Paribas IT department manager (2011 ~ 2014)

Chief Information OfficerJack Edwards

Mr. Edwards became MS Group’s CIO in 2010. He has been playing an MS Group Chief Information Officer and assisted the company to grow quickly. He is one of the key members of the group.

Previous position:
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Marketing Manager (1996-2002)
National Australia Bank Ltd Customer Manager (2003-2006)
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Customer Manager (2007-2010)


MS IBs work with individuals or companies to provide a competitive bonus program. By working with us, IBs will have income in the first month. Providing free web-site production, trades, into gold, on trading volume, number of clients and other revenue sharing models, and the maximum at the same time enjoy the four kinds of cumulative commission revenue model, plus a variety of other custom revenue models to choose from.:
MT customer management software
Efficient management of customers and statistics and enhance work performance to develop marketing programs

Complete back-office services
IBs can focus on developing and maintaining customer relationships. MS headquarters is responsible for handling customer accounts, capital access, transfers, and other issues. Our customer support is a 24-hour service, allowing customers to ask questions at any time of the day and converting to gold.

Targeted marketing programs
Whether its from the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific market, we collect from the IBs and customers suggestions and comments, as well as a variety of information feedback. We will discuss with the IBs with an open-mind, the development of our marketing programs for the different countries and regions. Our advantage is we have a keen sense of smell on the market, a rapid response capability, and the open-mindedness to accept comments and suggestions.

Stability and Security

We recognise the importance of trust and confidence you need to have in us. We are committed to maintain confidentiality, integrity and security of our clients’ personal information.

Secure Sockets Layer encrypted websites
As our on-going initiatives towards client information security, we have secured and encrypted our websites with state-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and 128-bit encryption DigiCert SSLs Certificates. SSL helps encrypt and protect any on-going information on our organisation website, thus ensuring that all information stays private and well-protected.
SSL utilises a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data, which includes a private key known only to the recipient. It is widely used by banks and established online shops, who handle confidential user information such as bank accounts and credit card numbers on a regular basis.

The DigiCert Trusted Seal
The DigiCert Trusted seal verifies our membership with DigiCert. For optimum security, clients should always upgrade their browsers to the latest version.


Highest liquidation
The trading volume in Foreign Exchange Market is over 5 trillion dollars on average per day. It can be called as the market with the highest liquidation in the world. So, traders can come and go in any market situation. There are almost no obstacles or risks on implementation and no limits of daily trading volume, either.


2.Calculations of Profit/Loss
Calculations of Profit/Loss
(1) Profit/Losses of Valuation Currency USDJPY, USDCHF and USDCAD (Selling price - buying price)*contract value*amount of contracts/closing price = profits/losses valuated by USD


3.An Example of Foreign Exchange Trade
Leveraged Trading
Opening Price:1.5530
Trade Size:100,000
Cost of Investment:1,000
Close Price:1.5630
Points of Profits:1.5630-1.5530=0.01000=100點 Value for 1 pointr:$10
Net Profit/Net Loss:1,000



MS offers bitcoin derivatives trading in the form of CFD trading. All of MS’s products offer ways to trade bitcoin with enhanced security and flexibility. Moreover, they operate in different ways and appeal to different traders.

CFD trading enables you to speculate on whether bitcoin will move up or down without any of the actual crypto-currency trading hands. The greater the price movement of the bitcoin, the greater the profit (or loss).


Traders who trade CFDs on bitcoin never actually own any crypto-currency. For this reason, many of the potential difficulties and risks associated with bitcoins are negated, There is no need for a bitcoin wallet.


Bitcoin CFD trading losses can run indefinitely. Most CFDs are leveraged and bought on margin, which means that you are exposed to the full value of the contract for a fraction of its total cost.



Fast, reliable, and secure online trading for serious investors. All of our platforms are integrated with the market leading MS Trader MT4 advanced online trading platform. It is currently the industry leader and was developed to provide a unique trading experience delivering fast, reliable, and secure trades in a user-friendly interface.

7 Reasons to try MS Trader
1.Multi-product platform:
Trade all major forex, energy, metal, soft commodity, equity, and indices right from your desktop.

2.Advanced charting tools:
Take advantage of both simple and advanced charting

3.Live real-time tradable prices:
Pricing engine derives feeds from inter-bank and exchange trading systems so you get instant information in a transparent manner

4.Unprecedented speed:
We complement our live-streaming prices with state-of-the-art technology to handle your trades and working orders with unprecedented speed of response and total impartiality

5.Advanced program trading:
Implements the most advanced trading strategies; place markets, stops, limits, OCOs, and Contingent or if-Done orders

6.Market leading management and reporting tools:
real-time information on all client positions and information

7.Security and 24-hour support:
We complement our trading platform with a 24-hr customer service and dealing support. You may communicate with our team via phone, email, and web chat.


Introduction to the Foreign Exchange Markets
Although the foreign exchange market is the largest traded market in the world, its reach to the retail sector pales in comparison to the Equity and Fixed Income markets. This is in large part due to a general lack of awareness of FX in the investor community, along with a lack of understanding of how and why currencies move. Adding to the mystique of this market is the lack of a physical central exchange akin to the NYSE or the CME. It is this very lack of structure that enables the FX markets to operate on a 24-hour basis, beginning the trading day in New Zealand and continuing through the time zones.


The forex market is more liquid than any other financial market as it opens to participants globally and at all times, making its trading volume the highest with a turnover of US$ 5 trillion daily. Foreign exchange is often referred to as forex or FX, and is the domain in which the exchange of money between two countries takes place at a mutually agreed rate.



We provide quality price feeds from the top international liquidity providers.

Benefits of STP:

Contracts for Differences

CFDs is traded on margin between a trader and a CFDs provider, to exchange the cash difference between the opening price and closing price of a transaction. CFDs products are introduced for products that are usually less accessible to retail investors, allowing retail clients to trade shares, equity indices and futures. Trading CFDs is flexible as there isn't any commission, trading fees, clearing fees or stamp duty.



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