Global Developments of MS
MS will expand the concept of innovation, qualified service, and free financial trading to all corners of the world.

Individual IB Plan
We customize our products and services to meet requirements of every IB. MS provides you a series of completed forex service. IBs will have great opportunities to develop their business in MS. We believe that IB is a necessary bridge between clients and settlement companies because of the individual and customized services they provide. We focus on providing the necessary support to IB and thus, they can attract more clients to our business effectively.

Promotional Material
MS provides promotional materials to its IBs; links of advertisements and independent online account openings, brochures, and other useful data to attract more clients.

Professional Backing Support
MPartners and the service team of MS provide specialized support for the IB. The IB Finance Training Lecture MS provides holds financial lectures several times for IBs each year. We send the professional lecturers to the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, and every corner of the world for your service. You can enjoy the latest financial news and financial training courses and experience the dynamic trend of trading from all over the world.

Unique Study Abroad Plan for IBs
MS provides a unique study abroad plan for IBs. No matter which country or region in Asia you come from, we recommend that you to further your financial study in Australia once you meet our professional requirements. MS will cover all the bills and would like to invite you to become our financial analyst after you acquire your degree. Your Own Noble IB Migration Plan MS would like to provide you with a migration plan. Once the IB meets our trading requirements, we will process all the migration documents with your permission, as well as to assist you in your future financial career.

Global Professional Manager Plan
MS is recruiting qualified managers from around the world. We would like to provide you with all support and training as long as you think you are qualified to be a dealer, an analyst, a lecturer, or want to start your own financial business. Depending on the plan you wish to take, our plans are listed as the following: the Manager Study Abroad Plan, the Asia Financial Analyst Plan, the Mandarin-Speaking Region Lecturer Plan, Customized SYOB Plan, and the MS Professional Manager Migration Plan.