An STP Broker

We provide quality price feeds from the top international liquidity providers.

Benefits of STP
✔ Competitive spreads
✔ Minimal slippage
✔ No manual intervention
✔ Instant order fills
✔ Fair pricing
✔ Real-time executable streaming quotes

Our STP Model
Our brokerage adopts a Straight Through Processing (STP) model, which allows immediate execution of trades without having to go through a dealing desk. We are able to provide the best dealing execution to our clients by receiving high quality price feeds from the top international banks. Price feeds are powered by M6 Securities's multi-bank portal which enables real-time executable streaming quotes (ESQ), assisting to acquire more than 30 global currency pairs with the fastest speed.

Fair Pricing
We ensure the price integrity on our network is provided at a very low cost in order to deliver transparent and fair pricing. M6 Securities Global is connected to top-tier liquidity sources, providing highly competitive spreads. Entry, Stop and Limit orders are not monitored and all orders are completely anonymous to M6 Securities's liquidity providers to maintain privacy. STP model prevents any kind of dealer intervention, which also eliminates any conflict of interest between the broker and trader.

Furthermore, sophisticated algorithms behind STP allows for monitoring of liquidity and the discovery of price improvements that opimises trade execution and minimises market impact.