Chief Operating Officer Daniel Anderson

Mr Anderson joined MS Group on 2009 as a Director of corporate marketing and integrated business development, and is responsible for establishing the Group's entire sales strategy and policy. With over 20 years of rich professional experience and financial knowledge, he led the group to become a large Investment Group with total operating assets of $ 18 billion

Previous position:
Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Australia's Westpac Chief Operating Officer (2002 to 2005)
ANZ Australia chief operating officer (2006 to 2009)

Chief Marketing Officer David K. Perkins

Mr. Perkins is responsible for the Group's sales strategy and policy development. With his years of vast experience in international financial groups, he will lead the MS Group in the future and continue to expand the market size and also the establishment of a wide range of financial innovation.

Previous position:
Chief Operating Officer, Biley Fund, USA (1992 ~ 2002)
Chief Information Officer, JP Morgan Chase, USA (2003 ~ 2010)
Chief operating officer of the European exchange

Chief Analyst Wesley V. Hernandez

Mr. Hernandez is in the Wall Street Futures market over the years with stable profit model. He repeatedly accepted the New York Financial Times interview and his technical analysis of comments, mostly in the market trend is exciting..

Previous position:
Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs, USA (1995-2005)
Citigroup, former chief operating officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2006-2012)

Chief Information Officer Jack Edwards

Mr. Edwards became MS Group’s CIO in 2010. He has been playing an MS Group Chief Information Officer and assisted the company to grow quickly. He is one of the key members of the group.

Previous position:
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Marketing Manager (1996-2002)
National Australia Bank Ltd Customer Manager (2003-2006)
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Customer Manager (2007-2010)

Chief Technology Officer Richard C. Gillespie

Mr. Gillespie is the head of the MS Group's technical department, leading the professional MIS team, dedicated to the customer's stable trading environment, to assist the trading strategy written for the intelligent trading software and stable profit.

Previous position:
American Amazon Information Management Manager (2000 ~ 2006)
Director of IT, Apple, USA (2007 ~ 2010)
BNP Paribas IT department manager (2011 ~ 2014)

Chief Finance Officer Willie Smith

Mr. Smith has been familiar with the financial control of financial companies over the years, his practical experience and related background will help MS Group to bring stability and security of capital control.

Previous position:
US Morgan Stanley Finance Director (1997 ~ 2000)
Citigroup Chief Risk Accountant (2001 ~ 2005)
Senior Manager, Asset Management, US Bank of America (2006 ~ 2012)
Singapore Stock Exchange Chief Financial Officer (2013 ~ 2015)

Chief Legal Officer Traci Lords

Ms. Lords provides professional legal support for the Group's operations and decision making, giving the Group the most complete and immediate legal advice and specifications.

Previous position:
Head of UK K & C Law Firm (1999 ~ 2005)
British Barclays Bank Legal Manager (2006-2010)
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Legal Manager (2011-2016)